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heh heh heh

this one time, i was at the mall with my friend, and she was looking at clothes, and i was just bored. well this woman was holding a broken dressing room door closed for who i would assume was her daughter who was tring on clothes. and the reason she was holding the door closed was that her adorable little son was beating the door trying to open it. my friend and i both fear and hate children, so i turn to her and begin to tell her that if the mother would take care of her child she probably wouldn't have to hold the door closed. well my friend didn't really seem interested in what i was saying, so vey uncharacteristically of myself, i turn to this girl standing near me and a few feet away from the dressing rooms and tell her. she smiles at me and the second i turn away, she walks up to the little boy, grabs him by the arm and slaps him...
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