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Latest kid rant

* Why is it I can't go to the store without being trailed by a convoy of squalling crotchcritters? No matter which aisle I go down, they seem to follow me. Do I have a sign that reads "I hate children, please let yours cry at full volume in my vicinity" taped to my back?

* I'm getting sick of family-friendly brewpubs and beer bars. I want to drink my beer with people over the age of 21, thank you very much.

* Speaking of which, every Saturday night, a local brewery has a "Beers and Bs" night in which they show bad "B" movies in their tasting area. This past week, a duhd brought his sperm trophy and inquired about beverages for the brat. When told all that was available was water or a Guava nectar, the fucker made a big stink about not having anything the kid could drink. The thing is, this is a brewery, not a brewpub. They don't have much beyond beer and popcorn. The movies are all ages and people are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks. I have seen people bring Webers and coolers full of soft drinks, and this dude was bitching about there not being anything for the kid. What the fuck did you expect, asshat? It's a goddamned brewery! In the end, he asked for his, his wife's and his kid's money back ($2 each which is donated to Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting) and left. Good fucking riddance.

That's enough spleen venting for now.

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